The first year at school aims to give students a secure and stable entry into the learning environment. Classroom routines are established early with an emphasis on building positive relationships with teachers and their peers.


Foundation to Year 2
Learning is focused on knowledge, skills, and behaviours in the core areas of Faith Education, Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Physical Education. Students learn to build resilience, increase
independence, and confidence, and develop social awareness. ‘InitiaLit’ is an evidence based, whole class F-2 literacy program providing all students with the essential core knowledge and strong
foundations to become successful readers and writers. Specialist teachers provide classes in Art, Performing Arts and Digital Technologies. Specialist support is given to teachers in Physical  Education.


Years 3-4 Stability, Consistency, Confidence
Learning areas are expanded and deepened; the Humanities, Science, and Technologies are incorporated into the design and inquiry units. Students become more resilient as problem solvers, they take increasing responsibility for their learning, and they see themselves as learners. Specialist teachers deliver learning programs in Science, Indonesian, Digital Technologies and Physical Education.


Years 5-6 Expanding Deep Learning, Becoming Independent
Students are learning to take greater responsibility of their learning, where a good home/school partnership is supported by the use of PAM (Parent Access Module) and other forms of ongoing communication. Students develop deeper thinking and reflect on their work. They look for improvement and consider a wider range of possibilities and ways to present their learning. Specialist teachers deliver learning programs in Science, Indonesian, Arts and Performing Arts and Digital Technologies.