Arts and Technology

Arts/Technology at St Mary’s College is an exciting experience. Preparing for Arts/Technology shows and our own Arts/Technology Showcase in November, students and teachers involved are working hard to make these memorable events.

St. Mary’s College has a very colourful history where Arts/Technology is concerned, with the opening of the Arts/Technology wing in May 2008 and new Multipurpose Hall in 2010. We have provided these facilities to offer a larger range of extra-curricular activities and classes to our students.

We take a very hands on approach to the Arts/Technology. Years 7-10 students will spend at least two periods a week on creative subjects, including Art, Robotics, Drama, Music, I.T and Food as well as Wood work and Plastics. Our hard working teachers have composed a time table for each year level to work on various projects.

Years 7 and 8 devote four periods a week to a selection of Fabric, Wood work, Drama, Art, Food, Music and Plastics. Students in Year 9 spend two periods a week studying Food, Art, and or Wood, while the Year 10 participate in Food, Art, Textiles and Wood work.

Before taking their projects home, students are offered the opportunity to enter items in Art shows as well as offer them for various displays throughout the school.