Mercy Heritage

Catholic education, for the children of Seymour and surrounding districts, has been provided in Seymour since the year 1880. Our Mercy heritage began in 1900, when 5 Mercy Sisters arrived from Mansfield, at the request of the Parish Priest of Seymour, Fr. J O’Neill. Throughout the College’s long history, many Mercy Sisters have been the caretakers of our school, creating the great sense of community, for which St Mary’s College is well known today.

As a Mercy affiliated school, we continue to be inspired by Catherine McAuley, the Mercy Sisters’ founder, whose qualities included compassion, humility, prayerfulness, courage, peacefulness, gentleness and love. She was a strong advocate for women in her day and above all, Catherine encouraged and lived a life of charity.

St Mary’s College continues to follow the Mercy Ethos and Values of-

Compassion: responding to vulnerability with care and concern

Justice: seeking fair and equitable outcomes for all

Respect: treating all whom we meet with joy and kindness

Hospitality: offering welcome and comfort

Service: dedicated to proclaiming God’s love through word and deed

Courage: willing to speak up and speak out in response to injustice