Student Leadership and Procedures

Uniform Policy

St. Mary’s College will be recognised, in part, by the way we present ourselves in the community. This includes the way the uniform is worn and the grooming of the students. The Uniform Policy has been developed to provide clear expectations for students and their parents about Uniform requirements. A copy of the uniform list is provided on enrolment.

eSmart School

In 2016 St Mary’s College received formal accreditation as an eSmart school. eSmart is a program to assist schools to build and maintain positive culture and behaviours in relation to the use of digital technologies:-

• a whole-school approach;

• embraces technology’s benefits;

• reduces students’ and teachers’ exposure to risk. eSmart provides the framework to:

• guide and support schools to implement relevant cyber-safety policies, practices and curriculum;

• equip school communities, particularly children and young people, to be safe and responsible when using computers and mobile phones;

• reduce cyber-bullying and other cyber-risks.

Student Leadership

Student voice is extremely important within the College.

At Year 10 student leaders are elected to form the Student Leadership Team. This team includes 2 College Captains, 2 College Vice Captains, 2 Wellbeing and 2 Community Leaders. Together, with the Sports Captains, this team meets regularly with staff to discuss, plan, support and guide the College and students in a range of areas.

Class Captains and House Captains are also elected each year for their leadership skills, their willingness to take on responsibilities, their ability to support fellow students and to act as a role model.


St Mary’s College takes pride in ensuring all new families feel welcomed and supported when transitioning into our College. Being a Foundation to Year 10 College means that there are many considerations within our Transition policy and procedures. This is to ensure we have an encompassing process that cater for:-

• Kindergarten to Foundation

• Year 6 to Year 7

• New Students in different year levels (Primary and Secondary).

Some of the transition events include Open Day, Information Evenings, Kinder visits, and Orientation Days. All important transition events and dates are communicated to families in a timely manner through a range of sources.