We aim to build a connected, involved school community with strong outward looking partnerships that provide improved learning outcomes for our students.

Through authentic opportunities for parent engagement and involvement, meaningful connections with the Parish, local and broader community will continue to strengthen.

Some of our activities and opportunities in  School Community include:

  • Family Picnic/Social evening and Learning Expos across all levels
  • Assemblies, sports days, excursions, camps and student led curriculum activities that actively seek parent engagement

Our four major community events across the year

  • Welcome BBQ and Social Night
  • Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea
  • Father’s Day Breakfast
  • Grandparents/Special Persons Day

Other community engagement activities include

  • St Mary’s Open Day ‘Windows into Learning’
  • Year 10 Mentor program
  • An active Parents and Friends group that meet on a monthly basis
  • College Captains and leaders who participate in local community events
  • Student Leaders at Year 10 level who meet regularly with Deputy Principal to plan and initiate school activities that build relationships.
  • SRC representatives from Years 5-10 who help with fundraising and community initiatives

We welcome our parents to join their child for prayer in the morning and to all of our assemblies, liturgies and any opportunity to engage in learning with your child.