P – 4 Learning

Foundation to Year 4 – Stability, consistency, confidence.

The first year at school aims to give students a secure, stable, entry into the learning environment. Classroom routines are established early with an emphasis on building positive relationships with teachers and their peers.

Foundation – Year 2

  • Learning is focused on knowledge, skills and behaviours in Education in faith, literacy, numeracy, health and physical education.
  • Students learn to build resilience, increase independence, confidence and develop social awareness.
  • Specialist teachers provide learning in Indonesian, Art, Music and Performance.

Years 3 – 4

  • Learning areas are expanded and deepened; the humanities, science and technologies are incorporated into the design of enquiry units.
  • Students become more resilient as problem solvers, they take increasing responsibility for their learning, they see themselves as learners.
  • Specialist teachers provide more in depth learning in Indonesian, Art, Music & Performance and Library.

Learning Overviews

Learning Overviews, for each level, can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:-

Prep Overview

Year 1-2 Overview

Year 3-4 Overview

Home Learning

Recommended Time

Yr P-2 :10-15 mins (4 times per week)

Yr 3/4 : 20-25 mins(4 times per week)


P-2: May consist of 1 or more of these each time:

  • Home Reading – Reading Logs
  • Maths Games
  • Word Work

Yr3/4: May consist of 1 or more of these each time…

  • Home Reading – Reading Logs
  • Number facts/Times Tables
  • Word Work
  • Project Based Work

Home / School Partnership

  • Outline Procedures at P/T/S Meet & Greet
  • Regular monitoring of Home Reading by both teacher/parents (Weekly Sight & Signing of Reading Logs)
  • Emailing home if follow up needed
  • Regular communication if any concerns arise with both parties (home/school)

P – 2 Morning Reading Opportunity

3 – 4 Monday Lunchtime Learning Support in classroom