7 – 8 Learning

Resilience and Exploration

Students in years 7-8 access a wide range of subjects, this allows students to develop a range of skills and knowledge that builds a solid platform for future years. They are encouraged to develop management strategies for interacting with a wide variety of teachers, differences in learning areas and with their peers, all within the complexity of secondary school structures.

  • Students are encouraged to relate their learning to become active college community members.
  • Students are supported to apply strategies of resilience and accountability in order to be confident, independent learners.

Learning Overviews

Learning overviews can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Home Learning

Recommended Time

Year  7:     45 minutes (4 times per week)

Year 8:      1 hour (4 times per week)

Content- May include the following:

Year 7-8

  • Home Reading (class novel or independent)
  • Mental Maths – Mathletics
  • Research/Subject Based Work
  • Revision/Assessment Tasks

Home / School Partnership

  • Students are responsible for recording their home learning across the week.
  • Outline Procedures at Term 1 Parent Teacher meeting
  • Communication between home and school
  • Lunchtime learning support sessions in Library Resource Centre
  • Students use SIMON and Parents use PAM to access student assessment tasks and feedback about their learning.

Year 7 Learning Overview

Year 8 Learning Overview