8 – 10 Learning

Developing Pathways

Students in these years develop greater independence of mind and interests. They seek deeper connections between their learning and the world around them. They experience learning in the classroom and in work and community settings. They are beginning to develop preferred areas of learning. Identifying personal strengths and developing pathways is emphasised. Students are preparing for their final years of formal schooling and beyond.

  • Students make choices in Arts and Technology studies.
  • Students present units of work to a wider audience, such as parent nights.
  • Students participate in the B4W (Beyond 4 Walls) program at year nine, which takes learning into the wider world.
  • Year nine students are introduced to the Coaching Young People for Success program, which assists in preparing for a week’s work placement in year ten. It also prepares students to make course selections for year 10.

Learning Overviews

Learning overviews can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Home Learning

Recommended Time

Year 8:      1 hour (4 times per week)

Year 9-10: 1½ hours (4 times per week)


Yr 8-10

  • Home Reading (class novel or independent)
  • Mental Maths – Mathletics
  • Research/Subject Based Work
  • Revision/Assessment Tasks

Home / School Partnership

  • Students are responsible for recording their home learning across the week.
  • Outline Procedures at P/T/S Meet & Greet
  • Regular Monitoring of homework by all staff & Level Coordinator  (across all subjects)
  • Homework Schedule on Whiteboard
  • Fortnightly monitoring- Sight/Sign of Planners by Homeroom teachers / Parents/Guardians
  • Emailing/Calling home if follow up needed by subject teachers/Homeroom/Level Coordinator (concerns/queries)
  • Lunchtime learning support sessions in Library Resource Centre
  • After school Maths support Wed/Thu till 4.30pm
  • Students and Parents use PAM to access student assessment tasks and feedback about their learning.

Year 8 Learning Overview

Year 9-10 Information and Assessment Handbook