5 – 6 Learning

Expanding Deep Learning, Becoming Independent.

Students in 5-6 expand their ability to work independently and take ownership of their learning. There is a focus on building resilience and problem solving. Learning becomes the responsibility of the student, supported by productive home-school partnerships.

  • Students develop deeper thinking and reflect on their work, they look for improvement and consider a wider range of possibilities and ways to present their learning.
  • Learning is taken beyond the classroom through learning experiences during the camps program.
  • Specialist teachers broaden the range of learning in Indonesian, Art, Music and Performance and Physical Education.

Learning Overview

Learning Overviews for each level, can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:-

Home Learning

Recommended Time

Years 5-6:  
30 minutes (4 times per week)

  • Home Reading
  • Maths Games/Mathletics/Times Tables
  • SMART Spelling
  • Inquiry Based Work

Home / School Partnership

  • Students are responsible for recording their home learning across the week.
  • Outline Procedures at Term 1 Parent Teacher meeting
  • Communication between home and school
  • Lunchtime learning support sessions in Library Resource Centre
  • Students use SIMON and Parents use PAM to access student assessment tasks and feedback about their learning.

5-6 Learning Overview