5 – 7 Learning

Expanding Deep Learning, Becoming Independent.

Students in these years benefit from more frequent use of College resources and facilities. Students have arts and technologies classes with other students from across this level. They benefit from peer to peer learning and tutoring as well as developing more accountability for their own learning.

  • Learning becomes the responsibility of the student, where a good home school partnership is supported by the use of the College planner and ongoing communication.
  • Students develop deeper thinking and reflect on their work, they look for improvement and consider a wider range of possibilities and ways to present their learning.
  • Specialist teachers broaden the range of learning in a variety of spaces and with specific tools and resources. Students design products with wood, food and fabric. They become more expressive and creative in art, music, and drama. Students use a range of devices and increase their awareness of being eSmart in their use of technology.

Learning Overview

Learning Overviews for each level, can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:-

Home Learning

Recommended Time

Years 5-6:  
30 minutes (4 times per week)
Year  7:    
45 minutes (4 times per week)

Content- May include the following:

Year 5-6:

  • Home Reading (recorded in planner)
  • Maths Games/Mathletics/Times Tables
  • Word Work (Spelling)
  • Inquiry Based Work

Year 7:

  • Home Reading – class novel or independent
  • Mental Maths – Mathletics
  • Research/Subject Based Work Revision/Assessment Tasks

Home / School Partnership

  • Students are responsible for recording their home learning across the week.
  • Outline Procedures at P/T /S Meet & Greet
  • Weekly monitoring of Home Reading (Teachers & Parents)
  • Weekly monitoring of Student Planners 5-6 (Teachers & Parents)
  • Emailing/Calling (concerns/queries)
  • Regular monitoring of homework by all staff & Level Coordinator (across all subjects) Yr 7
  • Fortnightly monitoring – Sight/Sign of Planners by Homeroom Teachers/ Parents Yr 7
  • Lunchtime learning support sessions in Library Resource Centre
  • Students and Parents use PAM to access student assessment tasks and feedback about their learning.

5-6 Learning Overview

Year 7 Learning Overview