3 – 4 Learning

Years 3 to 4 – Confidence and Engagement

Students in years 3-4 are provided with opportunities and situations in which to become motivated learners. They strengthen relationships with their peers as they participate in group work.

Year 3 – 4 Learning

  • Learning areas are expanded and deepened; The Humanities, Science and Technologies are incorporated into the design of inquiry units.
  • Students become more resilient as problem solvers, they take increasing responsibility for their learning, they see themselves as learners.
  • Specialist teachers provide more in depth learning in Indonesian, Art, Music and Performance and Physical Education.

Learning Overview

The Learning Overview can be downloaded by clicking on the link below

Home Learning

Recommended time

Yr 3-4: 20-25 mins (4 times per week)


May consist of 1 or more of these each time…

  • Home Reading – including Sunshine Classics Online
  • Number facts/Times Tables/Mathletics
  • SMART Spelling
  • Weekly home learning task


Home/School Partnership

Outline Procedures at Term 1 Parent, Teacher meeting

Regular communication between school and home.


3-4 Learning Overview